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Sparkle Photography

Photography prices that makes real sense and allow you the freedom to create your own photography package that suits your needs.

Photography is our passion and we can take thousands of photos for the pure joy of it so the real hard work lies in the various photo editing stages and fine-tuning techniques but in reality clients needs much fewer but the very best photos.

The rationale is simple:

You pay a far lower rate for all photos but can then select the number of photos that require much more work at much higher prices.

We divided our service / packages into different and separate items that makes more sense and allow you to customise the package to your needs.

Some basic items like travel expenses and renemuration for our photography service per hour or some basic extras that you may be interested in.

Selection between additional extras and time / labour intensive things that you can tweak and change until you are satisfied with the total package.


Sparkle Photography

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