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What You Get Out Of Restaurant Business Education

Are you a businessperson or chef planning to put up a restaurant? Are you an established restaurateur hoping to update and perk up your current style?

As markets, tastes, and trends change, then so does restaurant business education. If you do go back to school and take a short restaurant business course, not only will you learn new things, you'll be able to tailor your restaurant to fit the needs and wants of the ever changing market.

What can you learn in restaurant business education?

• The Basics – Before going to the kitchen, you have to know why people eat at restaurants, the types of restaurants now available, and the concept of ambience. A course like this will teach you how to size up the competition, and how to handle it.

• The Menu – Sure, you can cook, but do you know how to arrange a menu? What food goes with what wine? When to offer a la carte, and how to offer a buffet without going bankrupt? This course can teach you to strike the balance between sumptuous food and sensible business.

• The Employees – You're not going to cook and serve the food all by your lonesome, and this course can teach you who and how to hire, and what qualifications to look for in your employees.

• The Equipment – You'll need dishwashers, stoves, ovens, and grills. How do you spend for the best without going broke?

• The Ambience – How can you set a mood for diners, so that they order food and keep coming back? This course will teach you the basics of interior design for restaurants, as well as how to maintain (or innovate) if the need arises.

• The Law – Perhaps the most secret part of restaurant businesses, this course will teach you how to structure your business, how to register your business name and trademark, and how to hire legal counsel. You will also get pointers on how to prepare your business plan.

• Operations – Who's the boss, and who gets what duties? How will you close the books, prepare your food, and handle trash?

• Finance – Do you need insurance? How do you handle cash and investments?

• Marketing – The most important part of any business is marketing, and this course will tell you how to find your selling point, how to advertise, and how to organize that great Grand Opening!

Going back to school can be both fun and fulfilling. Besides, you can always get your professors and classmates to go to your restaurant and taste the product of all your labor!xzy


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