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Ways Content Drives Your Traffic

Capetown Web - So you recognize the need for content in order to satisfy both the customer AND the search engines. But how does content actually bring your web site traffic-

Since it's been established that the main methods of driving traffic are from search engines and hyperlinks from other sites, most of these suggestions will contribute to one method or the other and occasionally both. Some suggestions include offline activities that can attract another audience altogether. By diversifying your tactics you are creating a well-rounded game plan to drive traffic to your site.

Search engines are the main source for internet users to find the information they are looking for. Being listed high in the search engines means more people will find you when looking for the product, service or information you provide. Search engines use different methods for determining your position in the listings.  Understanding how they work and what they're looking for can help you get the best listings.

Hyperlinks are links that direct a visitor or search engine to another website or page. When websites provide a link to your site it tells the search engines that you are valuable and thus affects your position in the listings. In the right place it can direct human traffic to your site as well.

Here are a few suggestions and examples you can use to improve your search engine position and create hyperlinks to your website. Which methods will work for you depend on your website, writing abilities and determination.


Keywords have always been important to search engines. People use search engines to find information on a topic by typing a word or phrase and receiving a list of the most relevant sites (as determined by the search engine).

Not using keywords properly is where many have gone wrong. Filling a page with keywords will NOT get you a good rating with the search engines. However, writing content that uses popular search words WILL.

By researching the popular keywords for your topic or product, you can create information that places these words into the context of an article for your website. 

By creating an article and optimizing each page for a separate keyword you can easily get the search engines to include you in the results when users search for that word or phrase. Depending on the competition you may find yourself surprisingly close to the top position after the search engine finds you.

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