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Accept all major credit cards and PayPal online for South Africans  

To accept all types of credit cards and PayPal is a crucial element of being e-commerce professional. Is your website credit card and paypal friendly? Online sites that don?t offer the option of PayPal payments don?t prosper online. Receiving PayPal funds online in South Africa and Country's excluded from PayPal is impossible. The problem we facing are that we can register at PayPal but only as send only members,that can send money. To be a member that can receive money is not possible for South Africans. Do South African payment gateways accept all major credit cards and PayPal?.Not all offer PayPal,and you will be missing out on 80 million Pay Pal members. One in three online buyers in the U.S. has a PayPal account, and over 58,000 users? worldwide sign up for a Pay Pal account each day!

What about accepting credit cards on your website?

South Africans experience red tape, bank merchant approval and high fees just to accept credit card transactions; it will frustrate you even more before you start an online business. South African payment gateway?s ask fees as high as R 570.00 to register andR 290.00 fixed per month some ask more, and on top a percentage of 5.7% is added on each transaction, some offer a online shop from R3000.00 -R6000.00 with added hosting fees of R300.00 per month, no wonder South Africans cannot compete worldwide selling products online.

Open Source Software: the solution, sell products and services online

Joomla and Virtuemart are all FREE by way of the GNU / GPL open source license.VirtueMart is a Shopping cart extension for Joomla that will add complete e-commerce functionality to your site.Joomla shop will help you start earning cash from your web site like free PPC plugin,VirtueMart supports features like unlimited products and categories, statistics for products and customers, easy sign up for accepting online payments PayPal and credit cards.Yes, we found a solution for the problem to accept PayPal and major credit cards without a offshore bank account or bank merchant approval. We suggest a reliable Payment Gateway with the facility to transfer your money into an ATM master debit card for members. This means your money is available form a local South African ATM.Here at we solve the problem of accepting credit cards and PayPal on your website without red tape, you don?t pay any monthly fees for the shopping cart website.VirtueMart shopping cart automatically integrates into a Payment Gateway that does the credit card and PayPal transaction for you for a small transaction fee. At we install the software for you host your e-shop at a very competitive price and make the integration seamless to the Payment Gateway .We offer you an affordable professional solution at the fraction of the cost,the software is open source and free- only pay for installation and hosting.


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