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Take the Internet Detour

Take the Internet Detour…and become Financially Independent

Have you ever driven along a road only to be confronted by a detour sign which guides you down back streets, that twist and turn, you are annoyed because you have no idea where you will end up. You finally reach your destination, and realize that it didn’t take you any longer, than if you had gone your normal way.

This detour was a blessing in disguise, for you know now that you can reach your destination without the hassle of traffic, and this different way had been there all the time. You just never thought to try it. Life is like this detour; it takes some sort of disruption or change in our lives to make us look at different options. Most people resist change, they fear the unknown.

When computers and the Internet first started, most people saw computers as a sophisticated typewriter; they had no idea of the scope and enormity of what was to come. The Internet receives millions of visitors per day. It has gone from a non-interactive form of communication to interactive. There are social networking sites, audio, video, TV and so much more to come.

It is an exciting time in our history, a chance to become part of a global community, no boundaries, and endless opportunities. Anything and everything that you may have thought of or wanted is at your fingertips, you have the opportunity to have your own business, even if you have no idea what it is that you want to do.

As our population ages we are confronted with questions such as, how much will a person need to retire? what will accommodation look like? what services and programs will be available? What about health insurance? Superannuating, and the list goes on.

Why are we asking these questions? Much has been written about our largest group of people the Babyboomers. These people are being labeled as selfish, overindulgent, and obsessed with ageing. This group of people have not had to live like their parents, they have created billions of dollars in credit card debt in their search for self-gratification. All is not lost; it is now time to take a detour down that back street. An Internet business makes perfect sense. No risk, work from home and earn as you learn.

The Internet provides people the opportunity to create a lifestyle that will not be confined to socially accepted views of how our ageing population should live. An Internet business allows people to live and travel, wherever and whenever they choose. Freedom is the order of business.

Benefits of continual learning:

--High self esteem.
--Better health.
--Keeps the brain active (lowers the risk of dementia)
--A sense of belonging.
--Socially active

If you embrace and master the Internet, you will have taken your incredible resource (which is you) and turned it into financial freedom.

About the Author: Judythe Barret-Croxford is a Baby Boomer and specializes in helping other baby boomers create wealth online, to find out more visit



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