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ADD is nothing, watch out for ASS!  Attention Starvation Syndrome (ASS) is a serious condition.  Undiagnosed and untreated, it can have serious consequences for your business!


Boy, has it become difficult to make a good first impression these days!  If you're not a bearded lady or have some amazing trick involving a unicycle and a flaming sword, you just do not have what it takes to get the attention and keep it.


And what's more - nothing is hidden anymore.  There are no secrets to reveal with a dramatic drum roll, no cloak and dagger stuff that you can purport to have inside knowledge of.  It's all out there already.

Tannie Anna de Beer in Ystervarkfontein is blogging, Google Sarie Poggenpoel from Secunda and up pops her Facebook profile, or on Twitter you can see what neef Gert Viljoen from Verneukpan has on his mind!   And its not just the scaries that's out there on the world (very) wide web as you sit there reading this there's a (as yet unreleased) movie on your laptop, you can surf the net from your cell phone and your hitherto unknown lat/long coordinates are  known by some or other GPS satellite.


So how on earth do we survive ASS?  How do we get noticed in an ocean of information?

There's good news (there always has to be good news.  If not you'd stop reading and we would not want that!):  Once diagnosed, the prognosis is not that bad, not that bad at all.


You have to make a bang of an impression!  You know, like the Marvel Comic Heroes KAPOW and BABOOM!  Do you think that Batman, Superman and Spiderman just sat there minding their own business? No, they made waves.  And so we must.


You can't just be noticed; you have to grab people's attention.  They have to want to know more to make them hear, feel and see what you are about.  Make them taste what you're selling; make them experience what owning your product will feel like.  Engage all their senses and you'll have your foot in the door


So now you're thinking:  "There's NO way I'm going to stand on the corner of Fredman and Greystone in a chicken suit and cluck out my company jingle!" and you don't have to (more good news).  Try having a professional video made that can do the needed shenanigans for you. 

It's like having your own personal make-up artist and photographer that only shows your "good" side, Photoshop's away all your imperfections and presents the perfect, most sellable image of your company.  With a bit of music to set the mood, a calming voice and a few "feel good" images, you can reach even the most stubborn audience.  Cleverly done, you can capitalize on the main driver emotion that inspires your audience to buy your stuff.


A consistent company message goes out to preach your company's gospel.  Consistency creates credibility, credibility inspires confidence.  If you can earn your customer's confidence, it is easier for them to make the decision to buy.  And that's why we're in business!


A professional company video also empowers your sales force.  Your company's first impression is not reliant on the different personalities of your sales people.  They enter into any given sales situation with an advantage, that of a professional first impression.  This allows them to get down to what they were appointed for and probably what they like best, to sell what needs to be sold and to earn the commission they deserve.


Let me stress here that this is a real showcase of your company.  It's not an exercise in BS baffles brains.  You want to convince your potential customer to use you because your stuff can add value and can enhance their lives or their businesses - not just because you want to make a quick buck.


Sit down with your team and decide exactly what is important to show, write the script, get someone else to do the chicken suit-stuff and sit back and reap the rewards.  Your sales team will love it and your customers will adore you. 


Thus, for the treatment of Attention Starvation Syndrome, take one professional company video.  Your customers will phone you in the morning! 


(or if you want, contact Virtualscape Visualizations to help you with this.


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