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Solve Your Junk Problems, Unclutter!

It is never too late to start anew. What better time to begin getting rid of all those unnecessary things in your precious home but now! Embark on a new season with the promise of a lifestyle free from clutter. The following are a few basic steps toward a house and home that is simple and clutterfree

Why do you need to unclutter? Because clutter causes your energy to decrease as well as for you to feel stuck. But the most practical of all reasons is that it is so difficult to look for things when there are a lot of other things hampering your search. Take all the clutter away! Start slowly but surely. Clean each room in a systematic manner. You can begin by taking away any object that does not in any way belong in that particular room. Also, if there are any objects you no longer find a use for, box them away and donate them to charity.

One way to look at uncluttering is that you are not throwing your stuff away. You are merely gathering them to give to someone who will appreciate them just as well.

Deep clean your drawers and cabinets. Especially the kitchen drawers. These places are the usual dumping ground for anything and everything that could fit in that boxed space. If you find it stressful to go through each one in a single swoop, do so in increments. If you have that weekend off from work, take at least thirty minutes of that day to evaluate the insides of one cabinet. Then in another of your weekend offs, clean another one, and another one for the next weekend. You will find your drawers seemingly taking care of uncluttering themselves.

Unclutter your closets. Clothes that you have in them probably date back from high school up until college. Guess what? You are not the same person you were back then. Fashion has changed, time has changed and hopefully so does your style. Your weight may have increased or decreased. Take away clothes you have not used for the past two or three years and make room for the clothes that reflect what you are now.

Unclutter your shelves. If there are some books in your personal library that you can now easily part with, then take them off the shelf. Go through your stack of books that you think you might never read or pick up again and donate them to charity or to schools. There is always space for new books and a lot of space for books you would want to give to other people's library shelves.


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