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Good Side Of Boating Marinas

Boating marinas have their good and bad side. If the local people have reason to believe that you're a boater they can certainly live without, they'll most probably assign your boat to the worst spot in the marina. To avoid such unpleasant circumstances, keep the following etiquette tips in mind:

On Obtaining Fuel

If you're stopping to pick up fuel, never forget that there's a chance there are other boats waiting in line behind you. Don't make them wait unnecessarily by leaving your boat without someone capable of steering it. No matter how valuable or crucial your task is, you should always show consideration towards other boaters. Refuel your boat quickly then simply move to another docking spot or marina and continue with your business ashore.

Courtesy and Chivalry are a Must

These gentle values may seem old fashioned but they are greatly appreciated when displayed. If you are whistling and strolling around the marina and you happen to notice a boat that's about to dock or undock, be ready to lend a helping hand if it turns out there's no dock master or helper present.

Keeping the Area Clean and Clear

Always keep the space around your vessel clean and clear. Begin with rolling up and putting away hoses when not in use. Keep your power cords away from crowded places or any other place for that matter where they could cause accidents. Avoid littering the dock with your tools and equipment such as buckets, mops and docking lines. If you're done using equipment that is available for public use, return it immediately to their original places so that they'll be free for other boaters.

Showing Respect to Your Neighbors

Think of the marina as the village you live in and the other boaters as your neighbors. To be able to continue making use of the village's premises and other residential privileges, you need to show respect to the other people living in the village. That means turning off outside lights of your boat and keeping the volume down if you plan on having a party.

When and When Not to Socialize

You should avoid generalizing boaters. Not all of them may be as friendly as you. If they happen to show disinterest to socializing, they have the right to do so. Respect it and move away.

Following these rules will guarantee that the locals will always welcome you whichever marina you prefer to dock.


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