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Ysterplaat Air Show

Cape Town's Famous Ysterplaat Air Show took place this weekend in near perfect weather.

Us Capetonians were starting to think that the Spring had deserted us, (pretty much like our President has)
There were some spectacular displays of airman-ship, and something for the whole family to enjoy.
When a jet broke the sound barrier, some of the folks nearly had a heart attack, as they did not expect the loud sonic BOOM that followed. Had a good chuckle at some of the reactions from the audience.

I particularily liked this picture, where a Sea Gull wanted some of the action, and decided to perform his own low level fly by. It was almost as if he was saying "Hey, look at me rather, those fools don't know how to fly"
There were some great views of commercial airlines strutting their stuff in the air above. Something one does not see very often.

Be sure not to miss this event next time it comes around.

Photo's courtesy of Nikki Kombol


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