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Awsome South Africa

Travel to South Africa and Be Awed

Travel destinations will never be complete without featuring an array of beaches, overwhelming views, and a wonderful food trip. South Africa is lucky enough to have all of these in its options. Its geographic location provides it with a long stretch of coastlines edging the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

The capital city of the country, Pretoria, features The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa which covers an Aquarium, a Reptile Park and a zoo. Accommodation South Africa is provided by many resorts that have its own specialties. It houses the third largest collection of exotic trees while the aquarium holds the title of the largest inland marine aquarium in South Africa. A restaurant located at the center of the Zoo serves both snacks and meals for the visitors and Kiosks provide drinks and other refreshments. The Zoo also has the Zoo Choo-Choo Tractor Train which tours you through different parts of the zoo. Plus, cable car rides allow you a breathtaking view of the zoo and the surrounding city. And the Zoovenir gives you a great variety of items to take home.

Cape Town owns magnificent beaches that have gained fame and popularity. Its Table Mountain grants you eye-popping views of its beaches and city. Revolving cable cars can bring you to this mountain which stands 1086 meters above sea level. The oyster capital of South Africa, Garden Route, supplies you with different fun activities including dolphin spotting. It also allows you free wine and cheese tasting. After all, it provides with some of the world’s best wine.

Port Elizabeth, found along the Algoa Bay, features several historical sites including the Historic Donkin Heritage trail that has an Old Hill area which covers 47 historical sites. Port Elizabeth also holds different water sports such as diving, surfing, and boardsailing all year. Parks such as St. Georges Park which highlights the world renowned Port Elizabeth Cricket Club are also one of the attractions here. The Bowling Green, Prince Alfred’s Guard Memorial and the Victorian Pearson Conservatory are all situated inside St Georges Park. Another Park, the Settler’s Park, is proud to own one of the wild life reserves in Port Elizabeth.

Another attraction that makes tourists travel South Africa is the Drakensberg Mountains. This wonderful landform hosts various fun-filled activities such as camping, mountaineering, bird watching, and many others. Many of the resorts found in Drakensberg have the facilities to cater horseback riding along the hillside. The steep trails also provide a challenge to mountain bikers. For the wildlife lovers who travel South Africa, this area is home to the quarter of the indigenous wildlife in the whole of South Africa.

The Kruger National Park is another favorite for tourists who travel South Africa. It is simply the perfect destination for wild life livers because it shelters 147 mammal species, 507 species of birds and 114 different reptile species. It houses 3000 hippopotamuses and just as much crocodiles in its rivers. Impala antelopes which are around 90,000 species dominate the area. 30,000 Zebras and 15,000 buffaloes are also some of the inhabitants of this wonderful park. And another 5,000 giraffes and 8,000 elephants share their space. 1,500 ferocious lions, 900 leopards, and 300 cheetahs are also inhabitants of the savanna.

With all this at hand, what else is there to ask for? Travel South Africa and marvel at the fascinating views.

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