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I found a couple of my old friends from High School days in Johannesburg strumming their stuff on YouTube.
Steve an Tony have certainly come a long way since the days of "jamming" in the local school hall back in 1979 and 1980. I must admit, fun was had by all.
Tony emigrated to Canada many years ago, and Steve finally moved down to Cape Town, where I hooked up with him again after many years of absence.
Steve and family eventually joined Tony in Canada a good couple of years ago (can't remember exactly how many years ago).

Have a listen to their latest efforts, and spread the word around. Show them the support that only Cape Town can!

I think they are pretty damn good!

This is what Steve had to say:

"We are 5 in the band, I write all the music, play accoustic guitar and lead vocals. That's right, It's me u hear singing!! The 2 latter songs are old and badly recorded. We'll be putting myself on you tube in the new year singing a ballad so keep watching! The Schoolhouse is a cool place owned by my bass player, bands get together and party, YOU SHOULD BE THERE MAN!! It's a real blast. Tony plays drums."



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