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A Jet Flight Dream over Cape Town


Cape Town based Thunder City owns the largest civilian owned collection of ex-military jets in the world.

It has an impeccable safety record with its fleet of jets that has flown more than 1600 incident-free sorties. The fleet includes the world's last four flying English Electric Lightnings and three BAE Buccaneers, as well as seven Hawker Hunters and a Strikemaster.

Who we are

We offer memorable flight experiences in ex- military fighter jets.

Thunder City is unique and well known for its pioneering work in the aviation industry. It is the largest civilian owned collection of ex-military jets in the world, with an impeccable safety record of the fleet of jets, which have flown more than 1,600 incident-free sorties. The base flies and maintains the world's last four flying English Electric Lightnings and three BAE Buccaneers, as well as seven Hawker Hunters, a Strikemaster and a Puma (SA 330) helicopter with glass cockpit.

Choose from a variety of jet flight profiles; ultra high, supersonic, aerobatic, surface-hugging, formation or a combination of these. Whatever the nature of your fighter jet flight dream is, we will make it happen for you.

Where we are

You will live your jet flight dream over one the world's true beauty spots, Cape Town , South Africa. You will zoom over the point where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet, climb high above Cape Town's famous Table Mountain, salute Robben Island as you fly up the azure coast washing onto sugar-white beaches.
Combine your Thunder City fighter jet adventure with an unforgettable and diverse holiday in Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Cape Town offers a wealth of excitement, diversity and culture for residents and visitors alike. With everything from adrenaline sports; diving with the Great White shark, big wave surfing, kite surfing, white water rafting, mountaineering, skydiving, hang gliding and absailing. For the more sedate enjoyment you can stroll through Kirstenbosch botanical gardens, go whale watching, see the natural wonderland of the West Coast's flowers in spring or the traditional and always colourful Cape Minstrels . And visit the amazing array of restaurants, beautiful winelands and just so much more.

What we do:

Thunder City offers you a unique chance to fly in some of the most exciting, graceful and robust combat jets. Thunder City operates the world's only flying English Electric Lightnings, the famous cold war supersonic jet interceptor and the world's only flying Bae Buccaneers, the famous low-level tactical nuclear-capable jet bomber. We also have the largest fleet of flying Hawker Hunter jets, the pride of the Royal Air Force and the most successful British fighter jet ever built.

These amazing jets are meticulously maintained by former air force engineers and always flown well within their performance limitations. Even so we do not take safety for granted. Therefore you will be trained to safely use the aircraft's emergency systems such as the ejection seat, emergency oxygen etc.

Visit for all the news and information, see the planes in action, live your dream!

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