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Cape Town, an Exciting City

  Cape Town Attractions: Everything Under the Sun  

Cape Town Attractions: Everything Under the Sun

  Author: Candy Smith

Cape Town is undeniably one of the most exciting cities in South Africa. Located geographically at the southernmost tip of Africa, the city assures you of everything from beautiful coasts to breathtaking mountaintop views. Cape Town Attractions are like nothing else in the world.

Top of the World

There are tons of things to do and many places to go in Cape Town that it is quite hard where to begin. To start off, there is the ever-so-popular Table Mountain, named after its flat top—a plateau actually where tourists can have a panoramic view of Cape Town.

Not only does it feature a classic view but it also offers other activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and even caving for those adventure lovers. There are numerous ways to reach Table Mountain’s top, but two of the most popular ways are hiking and cableway.

One for the Beach Bums

And of course, what is Cape Town without the beach? Surprisingly, Cape Town’s beaches are considered some of the world’s best. To name a few, there is Clifton Beach, which consists of four coves, and this actually makes it an advantage because it shelters the beach from high winds.

Another one is Boulders Beach, and this beach is good for those who want to get in touch with nature a bit more. Boulders Beach is unique because it is home to African penguins more popularly known as the Boulders Penguin Colony, and a walkway has actually been put up to make viewing much more comfortable.

As the beaches become essential to the Cape Town attractions, food and drinks are everywhere. Kiosks have been put up on the sidewalks, and there are roaming vendors all around.

To Tour or Not To Tour

There are so many things to see in Cape Town that most people do not actually need a daily itinerary just to fill up those day-tripper needs. But if you want to stick to your schedule and go for that more “planned” exploration, then Cape Town tours are the way to go. The tour to the Castle of Good Hope (Southern Africa’s oldest building) offers a guided visit all around the castle and dungeons.

There’s No Life like Nightlife in Cape Town

And you thought the day was over. Cape Town does not only offer great wildlife adventures, amazing views, and awesome beaches; it is also home to many bars, restaurants, clubs, and casinos. Two of the popular nightlife destinations are The Camps Bay Strip and Long Street. Everything is in one location—from bars to restaurants—so you will not have to wander far from your hotel or lodge just to have good old Cape Town fun.

Places to Crash

And speaking of hotel, finding accommodation in Cape Town could not be any easier. There a lot of hotels and affordable lodges all around Cape Town. One of the famous Cape Town hotels is the V&A Waterfront. But to those who prefer the more affordable spaces, backpackers’ lodges are also available. Rates differ depending on the hotel or lodge location and time of year.


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